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Thursday, 28 Jan 2021

Machining Workshop

We have full flesh work shop machineries which take care of all types’ precision engineering works as per the customer requirement. We take rate agreements job also for the year after understanding the requirement of customer in running plant. We at our works having following MACHINES FACILITIES:

  1. Machining works at our workshop,
  2. Cement Division  Conveyor, pulleys, rollers,
  3. CIVIL -  foundation bolts, inserts plates, etc-


Fabrication Equipment.


  • Lathe Machines.
  • Bending Machine.
  • Welding rectifiers.
  • Mic Welding
  • Shaper.
  • Pressing Machines.
  • Dies.
  • Manual Cutters.
  • Cutters with Dies
  • Grinding machine.
  • Radial drill Machine.
  • Gas cutters set.
  • All Safety Equipments
  • Power Hack saw
  • Hydraulic press.
  • Stand drill machines.
  • Required tools.