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Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

Fabrication At Workshop

Experiment of fabrication at works and erection at site has proved successful and better. Thinking of workshop concept is having following plus points…

  1. Cost is equally competitive.
  2. Quality of work is much superior. Factory built structures have betteraccuracy which site fabrication can never match.
  3. No need to maintain inventory for matching steel sections also saving interest thereon. No loss of fluctuations.
  4. No need to arrange for Power gas electrodes etc.
  5. Use of factory built structures or building your project faster.
  6. Delivery will be as and when required to meet erection schedule.
  7. No unwanted work force at project site.
  8. Structure ready to erect on foundation.
  9. No need to compensate any accident. Prevent property losses and unwanted disturbance on site.
  10. No need of residential shades and power/water supply etc.

"Structures can be built better in workshop than at site."